When I was first diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, my wife and I spent hours searching the internet for information and guidance. Sadly, a big portion of what we found was a dark pool of gloomy forums and websites where self-purported “experts” were selling the latest snake oils that were sure to cure all my ailments as long as we kept sending them our money. It was a scary time for our family and we couldn’t believe how difficult it was to find what we needed online. Something that could shine a light on this frustrating situation and make us feel like we weren’t alone in this life altering fight. Since those first frustrating years we’ve learned the basics of standing on our own feet in navigating this challenge (along with our medical support system of caring doctors), but along the way we’ve been introduced to a lot of great families and individuals that are new to the journey and they’ve expressed the same frustrations that we had. Our hope in creating this site and sharing our experiences is to give those jumping in to living with disease, and their caregivers, a place to come to know they’re not alone.